A guide to prepare you for your Home Inspection

If you’re a Seller, then you should be aware of several things that may make the inspection process more efficient.  Home inspections usually vary in times from two to five hours, depending on the size of the house.

The following tips will help you be prepared for your home inspection.

  1. Pets and large animals should be leashed up or transferred off site.
  2. The Home inspector will operate almost everything in the house, so make sure they have access.
  3. Make sure the utilities are on: gas, water and electricity.
  4. Make sure the pilot lights are on to gas fired mechanical units, gas water heaters, pool heaters, spas, fireplaces.
  5. Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  6. Test smoke alarms and replace batteries if needed.
  7. Make sure filters and media filters have been changed in HVAC Systems.
  8. Remove any wood, furniture, debris and stored items away from foundation and structural components.
  9. Move any objects around electrical panel so that the panel front can be removed.
  10. Make sure nothing is blocking the attic access such as automobiles, storage, etc.
  11. Remove any locks from gates, service panels, etc. so a home inspector has access.
  12. Move any items, which may restrict observation in the attic and crawl space.
  13. Trim overgrown bushes, vegetation, and trees away from the house.
  14. Repair or replace items such as damaged gutters, down spouts, knobs, hinges, latches, etc.
  15. The swimming pool and hot tub equipment should be operational.
  16. Copies of receipts for recent installation, cleaning and/or servicing of any major items such as the roof, HVAC system or other appliances should be provided.