Giving you peace of mind without the need to empty your wallet

We know your time and money are valuable. At Domicile Consulting, we are committed to never wasting either. To do so, we have instituted a policy that we like to refer to as our “Kick the Tires” home inspection.

How the preliminary home inspection works

We will perform an initial walkthrough of any property for up to one hour looking for any glaring issues or absolute deal breakers that signify you should probably look to live elsewhere. This service costs $195 for every property we inspect in this manner.

Once you’ve found a property you love that has passed our initial “Kick the Tires,” we will happily perform the full home inspection, complete with a detailed report and refund the initial $195 you spent for that property’s “Kick the Tires Inspection.”

Your $195 pre-inspection cost will be applied towards the cost of your full inspection.

What our customers get

  • As many $195 preliminary home inspections as you require until you find the home that is up to snuff and worthy of our full, expert home inspection.
  • When you do decide to have our team complete that full home inspection, the $195 fee for that property’s “Kick the Tires” will be subtracted from your home inspection bill.
  • Peace of mind in knowing that you can avoid submitting an offer on a property with severe issues, and will never have to pay for multiple home inspections.

One of the biggest fears so often expressed by those in the market for a new home is the expectation that there will be plenty of haggling, back-and-forth, negotiating, contract writing, etc. on property after property before the right one comes along. With this preliminary inspection service, we hope to eliminate as many of these fears as possible by separating the wheat from the chaff in the early stages before any significant time or money is invested.