Domicile Consulting has extensive experience in helping homeowners and associations detect and eliminate leaks, moisture and mold problems.

Mold Testing in Chicago

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We are professional mold and moisture inspection experts.

As dedicated students of building science and construction, we have devoted countless hours to studying the effects of moisture and water vapor in structures. In addition, we have more than 200 combined years of construction, inspection and forensic investigation experience.

We leverage this advanced knowledge with cutting-edge technology—digital hygrometers, infrared cameras, capacitance and conductance moisture meters and more—to detect leaks and moisture in hidden and not-so-hidden areas lurking in the basement, crawlspace, kitchen, bathroom or attic of your home or building.  We work and communicate nearly every day with high-level mold removal contractors who are walking the walk and helping make buildings safer, longer lasting, and most important–keeping them dry.

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The Problem of Moisture

Many of Chicago’s newer masonry buildings are experiencing an alarming number of significant moisture issues. Unfortunately, inexperienced tradesman, mercenary developers, poor oversight by municipal inspectors and uninformed architects are the primary cause. This has resulted in poorly performing wall profiles, accelerated wear or deterioration of components, loss of enjoyment of property, and expensive repair costs on behalf of homeowners and associations…often after the recent expiration of the builder/developer warranty.

Excess moisture can also come from many sources such as roof leaks, ice damming, improperly vented furnaces, water heaters or clothes dryers, or a simple leak in your refrigerator or washer supply hose. While some causes of moisture intrusion are obvious, others require a trained and experienced investigator such as Domicile Consulting.

In all cases, high humidity and liquid moisture leaks should be detected and controlled as soon as possible; moisture intrusion in your property can:

  • cause serious structural problems to your building
  • damage your personal property
  • adversely impact your health and the health of your loved ones

At Domicile Consulting, our knowledge, training and experience enables us to systematically identify the source of moisture and design a course of corrective action that will help permanently prevent and remove mold and rid your home of unwanted moisture.

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