“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”  —Paul ‘Red’ Adair


Our Inspection or Service Pricing may be subject to change based on, site visit, potential workload such as additional HVAC systems, additional square footage, complex architecture, etc. This will be brought to your attention before the agreement and not blindly billed. 


1 Bedroom/Studio Condo $350.00
2 Bedroom Condo $425.00
3 Bedroom Condo $495.00
4 Bedroom Condo $525.00
1 BR Single Family Detached Home $475.00
2 Bedroom Single Family Detached Home $525.00
3 Bedroom Single Family Detached Home $575.00
4 Bedroom Single Family Detached Home $650.00
5 Bedroom Single Family Detached Home $695.00
6 Bedroom Single Family Detached Home $750.00
Larger Homes (Over 2,900 sq/ft) $175.00
per 1,000 sq/ft
1 Bedroom Attached Townhome $425.00
2 Bedroom Attached Townhome $550.00
3 Bedroom Attached Townhome $575.00
4 Bedroom Attached Townhome $625.00
2 Unit Apartment Building $695.00
3 Unit Apartment Building $795.00
4 Unit Apartment Building $895.00
Stand-Alone Roof Inspection
Roof Inspections are included in every home inspection we do. This service is for a stand-alone roof inspection that is not part of a larger home inspection.
Moisture Intrusion Inspection, Starts at $295
Please call us at (312) 488-1461 for pricing as building needs, leaks, intrusion vary greatly from building to building. Minimum
Hourly Rate Additional time at site visits, report writing/additions, consultations  $195.00
Returning Client Discount – Thanks For Coming Back
Does Not Apply to Reinspections
Commercial Building Inspection, Minimum starts @ $525
Business, Manufacturing, or Over 5 Residential Units- Call for Pricing
Reinspection Pre-Closing Walk Through or Post-Repair inspection; $225 NOTE- a clearly defined and numbered list of items to reinspect must be provided by Client for reinspections, no exceptions $225.00
Radon Test $195.00
Extra radon trip
(due to wasted trip)
Energy/Comfort Survey  $325.00
Air Quality Testing
Test for Mold, VOCs, and HAPs
General Common Area/Moisture Intrusion
Main exterior components, roof and or investigation into moisture

Chicago Home Inspections and Services Include:

  • Pre-Purchase Real Estate Inspections
  • New Construction Phased Inspections
  • Construction and Remodeling Consultation
  • Commercial Property Inspections
  • Home Inspection Education
  • Radon Testing, both bundled with inspection or stand alone
  • Home Energy Audits and Surveys
  • Moisture, Leak and Mold Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • 203k Consulting
  • Construction Litigation and Expert Witness
  • For Mold Inspections – Please Call regarding scope of work and needs

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