Our Home Inspection Reports

A usable, comprehensive home inspection report is vital to the home purchase. Even the most thorough, expert home inspector is essentially useless if he or she doesn’t deliver a home inspection report that 1) arms you with the proper knowledge of the property condition and 2) enables you to make an informed decision based on the findings.

That’s where Domicile stands apart–we provide the most comprehensive and usable inspection reports in the marketplace:

  • An average of 3 to 4x as much useable information vs. most other reports
  • Written in an easy-to-understand, narrative style that explains problems (and possible solutions when appropriate) particular to YOUR home
  • Ability to add repair cost estimates to help advise you during the sales negotiation
  • Anywhere from 50-250+ color photos per report highlighting the issues at hand
  • Additional information specific to your home that can be incorporated to increase its performance and long term health

Compare Domicile to the Competition

Compare our reports to the competition’s and we’re confident you will join nearly 3000 individuals and groups in Cook and DuPage Counties who choose Domicile Consulting’s inspection services each year.


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