Domicile Consulting offers a variety of services to help condominium and townhome associations build a path to a healthier and longer lasting structure.  From the 3 Flat walk-up to 60-80 unit mid-rise, we will work with you to:

  • Determine which repairs your building requires—and which it does not
  • Prioritize repairs in order of those that should be addressed immediately and those that can wait
  • Inspect all of the common elements of your building —including roof, exterior walls, plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling components— and produce a comprehensive, easy-to read report, with photographs
  • Review bids or proposals to root out ‘hidden’ repairs or fees that may not be needed or warranted
  • Inspect work being performed to make sure you get what you’re paying for and not an empty promise
  • Produce comprehensive Property Condition Reports which, coupled with the common area inspection, prioritize the various repairs and improvements, and highlight critical/ high expense items

Additionally, we ALWAYS include a visit to your homeowner’s association meeting after delivery of our findings to discuss specific issues or general principles in the maintenance and repair of your building.  This has proved invaluable to help give context to our findings via a person to person exchange.

At Domicile Consulting, we are committed to making sure that you, the owners, are receiving what you pay for and only what is truly needed. Call us for a quote or to discuss your building today at 312-488-1461.

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