Founded in 1998, Domicile Consulting is a dedicated inspection and building performance firm that provides home inspection, energy audit and leak, moisture and mold inspection services.

We help Chicago area homebuyers, owners and associations gain the fullest possible understanding of the systems and components inside and outside their building based on an objective, fair and accurate assessment of its condition. This knowledge enables our clients to make informed, confident decisions, resulting in substantial savings on renegotiated contract prices, repair credits and the ability to optimize their property to its highest level of performance.

The key to Domicile’s service is our team’s extensive knowledge, training and experience, which we use to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and usable inspection reports. Compare our reports to the competition’s, and you’ll see why Domicile Consulting is the preferred choice for nearly 3000 individuals and groups each year.

Write or call us for a quote and to discuss your building today at 312-488-1461.