Moving? Check Out These Tips Before Selling

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If you’ve decided to upgrade your current home or downsize to something a bit cozier, you’ll have to sell your current home before you can move. So, what can you do to attract potential buyers and sell your house faster? From having a pre-inspection completed to getting rid of clutter, here are some of the top ways to ensure your home sells as quickly as possible and for the best price.

1. Have a pre-inspection.

A pre-inspection is exactly what it sounds like, an inspection that is done before your home hits the market. Sellers appreciate pre-inspections for two reasons. One is potential buyers know that your home is an “open book”. Two, it saves time and money for the buyer. This sets you apart from other sellers, who usually leave this task for the buyers. A bonus to the seller is that by doing a pre-inspection you will be aware of any problems. This allows you to get them fixed before listing your home. The more problem-free a house is, the more likely it is to sell fast and for a great price.


2. Put away your personal things.

First get rid of any clutter that can make your home appear small, dusty, and dingy. Then take the time to depersonalize your home. Minimizing things like photos, keepsakes, and memorabilia collections make it easier for a potential buyer to imagine their own things there. Don’t be tempted to throw everything into the garage while you wait for the house to sell. This just makes the garage look bad. Instead, rent a storage unit until your move is complete.


3. Organize and stage what is left.

After putting everything you can in storage, it’s time to organize what’s left and ensure it is set up to highlight all your home has to offer. For example:

  • To prevent the appearance of lacking storage space, be sure that your closets, cabinets, and drawers aren’t overstuffed.
  • Wipe down countertops, leaving only the bare necessities sitting out.
  • Keep in mind that less furniture is more. Be creative with how you arrange it while making certain there is plenty of room for traffic flow.
  • Let plenty of light in because it’ll brighten up space and make rooms appear larger.
  • Accessorize in groups of three because this tends to be more appealing to the eye.


4. Take a good look at your home’s exterior.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true with when selling your home. A buyer’s first impression can put an immediate end to a potential sale. After all, if they aren’t impressed by what’s on the outside, there is a good chance they won’t even get out of their car. Once again, clear away any clutter, especially around the entryway. Make sure your lawn looks great by adding a few shrubs, flowers, and mulch if needed. Power washing the exterior and walkways, giving the front door a fresh coat of paint, and investing in a new doormat will ensure a great first impression.


5. Don’t forget about the importance of listing photos.

Yes, it does cost money to have your listing photos taken professionally, but the results are often well worth it. Professionals have experience with lighting, angles, and staging to ensure your home’s listing stands out, even in the smallest photos. This is crucial because so many potential buyers start their search on a mobile device.

Want to schedule your home for a pre-inspection? Reach out to me here!

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