Domicile Consulting pretty much saved us from making one of the bigger mistakes of our lives. We worked with Kenny Whitelaw to review a gut rehab property that pretty much was a pig with lipstick on it. Kenny’s thorough review of the property pointed out numerous foundation, roofing, and plumbing issues (THE BIG THREE) that as first time buyers, we would have never noticed. He went through his report with us line by line and explained to us what the problem was, how it could be dangerous, and what it would take to get fixed. Having a pushy realtor who just wanted to make a sale didn’t help any, but Kenny’s direct and honest approach, and his unbelievable knowledge was an invaluable asset to have. We will be using Kenny again once we find our potential property. Can’t recommend him enough! Now as far as our realtor is concerned, that’s a whole other review.

Steve M.

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