Reviews from Yelp

5 Star –1/8/2013
“…a wealth of knowledge…”

I hardly ever write reviews, but I wanted to let everyone else know that all the reviews are definitely right on the ball about how good these guys are. I had my inspection with Andrew on a Sunday and he had my report ready on Monday (he had a light work load, but still wanted to note the promptness of when he got back to me.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you walk with him during the inspection because he’ll give a wealth of knowledge of the home that others probably would not tell about…

Jason L.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 1/3/2013
“…Having the Domicile experts on our side has been a tremendous help…”

Domicile is fantastic! As first time home-buyers, there is a lot to learn and consequently, a ton to be frightened of! We’ve used Domicile twice now, the first time on a condo we ended up walking away from (because of the inspection report!) Ken did that inspection… These guys are detailed, kind, and explain things as many times as you need to understand the problem(s) and potential financial ramifications. They are always willing to do follow-up calls and emails beyond your inspection date. My husband is admittedly not a “handy” guy so having the Domicile experts on our side has been a tremendous help and weight off of our shoulders!

Megan C.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 11/6/2012
“I can’t say enough good things about Domicile…” click to read more

I can’t say enough good things about Domicile. They are skilled professionals who really know their stuff and go out of their way to be helpful. I worked with Ross and he went above and beyond what I expected and helped me to resolve issues that no one else could explain.

I would NEVER buy another house, whether new construction or an existing property without first having Domicile do an inspection. They are better than any other company I have used by far, and I would highly recommend them over and over again.

Beverly K.
Northbrook, IL

5 Star – 10/22/2012
“…I would recommend Domicile to anyone who is serious about knowing every aspect of their potential home purchase…” click to read more

Ross from Domicile is a very thorough, honest, accurate, and knowledgeable inspector. He took the time to walk us through the entire home inspection report and was available to answer all our questions. This guy definitely knows what he is doing and is an expert in the home inspection arena. He is the best in the city and I would recommend Domicile to anyone who is serious about knowing every aspect of their potential home purchase before buying into a money pit. These guys are experts and present you with all the facts about the condition of the property. I wouldn’t use any other home inspection company.

Mary B.
Bucktown, Chicago, IL

5 Star – 10/12/2012
“…peace of mind in our investment…” click to read more

We recently had Ken from Domicile Consulting inspect our potential new home. He was excellent – we were very impressed. Ken was very professional, took his time and explained his findings in detail. He presented us with a detailed report that summarized the issues clearly and provided pictures. Not only do we have peace of mind in our investment, but we also have a list of overall items to watch for over the years so our home stays safe and well maintained. I highly recommend Ken and Domicile Consulting.

Chicago, IL

5 Star – 10/9/2012
“I learned everything that needed to be fixed and why” click to read more

I recently worked with Domicile Consulting when I was buying my first condo. They were extremely professional, prompt, detail and customer service oriented. Dan walked me through every step before, during and after the inspection. He showed up to the inspection on time and was extremely through with the inspection. He even got on the roof, which most inspectors don’t do. He produced a very detailed report where I learned everything that needed to be fixed and why. Dan even talked me through the report several days after and helped me put together a list of item that should be fixed prior to buying the condo. He was so good the seller’s realtor was impressed and asked for his card. He said he had never seen an inspector like that. I will definitely use Domicile next time I buy a place.

Robert A.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 9/7/2012
“…gave us the tools we needed to make an important decision” click to read more

Incredibly thorough and knowledgeable! Carlo did our first inspection and he saved us from making a huge mistake. He alerted us to signs of faulty construction and gave us the tools we needed to make an important decision. After backing out of one deal, we found another place we loved even more! Carlo went over this one with the same fine toothed comb and didn’t find any major issues. He gave us a complete detail on minor repairs we should consider and the how to go about fixing them. Really a great guy and a fantastic inspector.

Holly H.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 8/23/2012
“…detailed, professional…” click to read more

We used Domicile Consulting based on a recommendation from our realtor […]. Carlo Ruth was our inspector and he was great! We bought a gut rehab, so you would think being all new on the inside there wouldn’t be that much to comment on…. but Carlo found lots of things we should consider upgrading or fixing. I’m in the building profession, so I know the construction quality was good, but Carlo found it all! His report was detailed, professional, and about 40 pages long. Everything in the report was in layman’s terms with pictures and easy to understand. Prices are also very reasonable.

Hire Carlo- he rocks!

Candace S.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 8/8/2012
“…educated me about things regarding the house that I simply had no idea about” click to read more

I had a home inspection completed today by Andrew Danner from Domicile Consulting. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the thorough and informative inspection of a home I am considering buying. He educated me about things regarding the house that I simply had no idea about. Even though the company had received rave reviews on Yelp I was still somewhat skeptical. Not anymore!!

Angela P.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 7/10/2012
“…will be sure to call them again next time…” click to read more

Very highly recommended! We are really impressed by Dan’s inspection work. He is knowledgeable and professional. His report is clear and thorough. He even provided estimates on the repair work he recommended. We really appreciate his expertise and will be sure to call them again next time when we need a home inspection!

Xiaoli Z.
Evanston, IL

5 Star – 2/27/2012
“I second the call for a 6 star option” click to read more

Amazing. Simple. Professional. Expert. Exhaustively thorough. Friendly. Timely. Grade A.

After using Domicile, I wouldn’t consider using a different inspection group going forward. I second the call for a 6 star option.

The inspection report is prepared quickly and is filled with details beyond belief (ie, improper screws used on the breaker panel…..who knew?).

To quote the greatest thespian of our time, “I’ll be back” to use Domicile again in the future.

Kevin G.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 1/27/2012
“…treated the inspection as an opportunity to educate me…” click to read more

I ended up going with Domicile because of the positive reviews on yelp. I’m 22 and this is my first condo, plus I know absolutely nothing whatsoever about construction/home improvement/etc, so I was worried I would get an inspector who didn’t take me seriously and would think all of my questions were annoying.

I ended up using Ross and the process couldn’t have been any better. He ended up spending about two hours looking over the condo and was very informative (Even my realtor was shocked at his thoroughness, and said most inspectors are in&out in under an hour). He didn’t seem to mind me following him around and asking tons of questions, and treated the inspection as an opportunity to educate me on everything there was to know about the place.

Overall he was super friendly and professional and had the inspection report in my inbox in less than 24 hours. I’d definitely recommend Ross & Domicile.

Spencer S.
Chicago, IL

5 Star – 8/22/2010
“One of the most capable and honest inspectors” click to read more

As a Designer, Professor of Architecture, and someone who spends a lot of time around construction sites I can say, without question that Ross is one of the most capable and honest inspectors that I’ve ever worked with.

My design firm is about to begin a potentially complicated project in Chicago and thanks to Ross’s attentiveness and experience we’re going to move forward with the project with total confidence and clarity.

Beyond just the inspection, we intend to retain Ross and Domicile Consulting to stay on and consult for us during construction–that’s how much we appreciated his vision.

Hire this person and your projects go better and you’ll sleep better as a result of it.

Danny F.
Cliffside Park, NJ

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Reviews from Angie's List

‘A’ 11/30/2012
“Domicile Consulting was great from beginning to end” click to read more

Domicile Consulting was great from beginning to end. I appreciated the ability to talk to someone to get initial info, as well as the online capabilities (ability to schedule an appointment, view the inspection report, pay the fee, etc.). Ken was punctual (early!), professional, and even took his shoes off to avoid damaging the hardwood floor. He was thorough and comprehensive in his inspection. He inspected the unit, as well as the basement storage facility, in about 1.5 hours. And my report (including a photo narrative) was available online just a few hours later! Thanks, Ken!
-Christopher C.
Chicago, IL

‘A’ – 10/20/2012
“Top notch inspection!” click to read more

We had a home inspection from Domicile, and it was absolutely the best inspection service we have received. Very thorough, comprehensive, and no detail left un-turned. Service was 100% professional, and on-time. They take the time to educate you on problem areas, and put together a very comprehensive report. Top notch inspection!

Went exceptionally well. On time, professional, courteous, and very thorough. Reports were delivered quickly, with full detail, and follow-up after the inspection was exceptional, where he would answer any questions/concerns after you have had time to absorb all the information. Highly recommended.

Naperville, IL

‘A’ – 8/28/2012
“I would recommend them highly to anyone” click to read more

It was very professional. I really enjoyed meeting them. I couldn’t have asked for anyone who was nicer or took all of my concerns the way they did. I would recommend them highly to anyone.

North Riverside, IL

‘A’ – 6/26/2012
“We could not be more pleased…” click to read more

Dan was very responsive and punctual for our scheduled inspection. He explained what he was finding during the inspection. He provided the written report including photographs within 48 hours of the inspection. The report included recommendations for how to fix the deficiencies that he found, which we were then able to relay to the contractor who did the work. We asked to meet with the contractor to discuss the items that needed attention and Dan attended the meeting to offer his expertise. We could not be more pleased with Dan and fully intend to have him come take another look once the additional work has been completed. I will not hesitate to call Dan with any further issues with this home or any other future home.

-Viviane E.
Chicago, IL

‘A’ – 5/8/2012
“…the most thorough inspection I’ve ever seen…” click to read more

Made an appointment online with Andrew. He was right on time for the scheduled time. This was probably the most thorough inspection I’ve ever seen – detailed, really checked everything. Got the report – it clearly delineated important issues from less important. Was extremely helpful in our negotiations on the purchase of our home. I would most definitely recommend this company, and Andrew, again.

-Deborah Z.
Chicago, IL

‘A’ – 4/22/2012
“A great resource for the Chicago homebuyer and homeowner” click to read more

Domicile’s work was extremely thorough and professional and gave me the confidence to make a big home purchase in a new city (my family and I had moved to Chicago only a few months earlier). They look at energy efficiency as well. My real estate agent told me that sellers hate it when buyers hire Domicile because they leave no stone left unturned, which is all you really need to know. Also, after the close, they have been helpful when I’ve had construction-related questions on the home, and have been able to point me towards the right tradesmen to get the problems fixed. A great resource for the Chicago homebuyer and homeowner.

-David G.
Chicago, IL

‘A’ – 1/23/2012
“…they go above and beyond the standards of home inspection” click to read more

I couldn’t be more pleased with Ross and Domicile Consulting. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about the latest code standards but they go above and beyond the standards of home inspection. The report they provide is comprehensive, detailed and easy to read. Ross took the time to fully explain each issue he discovered. He paid such close attention to detail, making sure to log everything from serious issues to cosmetic defects to ensure we had a full and complete report and understanding of what we would be buying.

I can’t say enough about these guys and the value they bring to the home inspection process. I highly recommend them for inspection or energy audit needs and would most definitely use them again.

-Brian L.
Willowbrook, IL

‘A’ – 12/7/2011
“…incredibly detailed–packed with photos…” click to read more

I couldn’t recommend Ross and Domicile any more enthusiastically. The entire process was flawless. Scheduling the inspection could not have been easier using Domicile’s online appointment system. The inspection itself was incredibly informative. Ross spent over 3.5 hours walking me through every part of the home–pointing out potential issues along the way and also giving very helpful tips regarding different projects I could undertake (and some I shouldn’t) to improve the home’s longevity and energy efficiency. I would have paid the $475 just for that experience alone. But then I received the 57 page inspection report (you could actually call it a book) and was floored. It was incredibly detailed–packed with photos, concise but thorough descriptions of issues found, and tips for maintenance / repairs. The report could effectively serve as an instruction manual for maintaining your house.

-Sarah M.
River Forest, IL

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